Beating the banks saves 5 years

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Behind all of the media hype about whether banks are passing on the full interest rate cuts,

there’s a real “have vs have-nots” story playing out right at home.

Since June this year, the RBA has dropped interest rates by 0.75%, and the banks have, on

average, passed on approximately 0.55%. In most cases, these rate drops have been

passed on to existing customers automatically, which means a household with a $500,000

variable interest rate mortgage would be saving at least $156 per month.

However although the smarter money has taken the opportunity to beat the banks and

ensure they use this period to pay down their loans faster, most mortgage repayments are

set on minimum repayment schedules.

Minimum repayment schedules mean that as interest rates drop, so do the mortgage

repayments, but the extra just “disappears” in groceries, and other daily spending


Lanie from Surf Coast Finance explains, “What the banks don’t want people to know is that if

they actively told the bank to keep repayments at the same level as they were back in May,

almost $37,000 would stay in the borrower’s pocket rather than the bank’s. And the

mortgage would be paid off 3 years earlier.”

The government don’t want this widely acted upon either though, because they want that

$156 per month spent to “stimulate the economy”.

But with household debt at all-time highs, and rates at all-time lows, it’s the perfect time to

take control, and work to a goal of debt freedom.

Lanie adds, “When making that phone call to the bank, borrowers need to beat the bank at

their own game, and increase the amount of set repayments by an additional $100 per

month to save around $56,000 and 5 years off the home loan. For many, that may honestly

be the difference between retirement at 65 vs 70.”


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